The holy grail of branding is to own a word in people’s mind. Not a made-up word but a simple everyday word that says everything you what it to about what you offer.

There are two rules when it comes to picking the word you want to own:

The first is that you can’t pick something someone owns. If it already exists then, people will get confused, and it won’t work.

The second rule is that the word has to be opposable.

Being the “best" is not a valid because nobody wants to be the worst. Being “young" is fine.

“Young" is exactly what Pepsi did when it took on a behemoth like Coca-cola. A behemoth that has been around for ages.

A good short-term marketing tactic is to come up with an angle or word that differentiates your product or company.

Then you set up a coherent long-term marketing strategy that maximizes the idea or angle.

Long-term plans are silly because things always change and ignoring this is futile. Long-term directions are much better because they are flexible and can adapt.

When you start a marketing campaign, you need to ask yourself where you sit in the prospect’s mind.

If you are up and coming, play the up and coming card.

If you are number two, then make a big deal about being the runner-up.

There is no point trying to be number 1 when you are not. People only accept new information that is consistent with what they already know.

Everything else will be ignored.

Notes from The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing.