I'm Josh.


Helping writers write.

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“We hired Josh together with a small group of freelancers to build a prototype app for us in a week. They did it! And, we are delighted with the results. Josh was a delight to work with; always cooperative, creative, responsive and technically excellent at his job - went above and beyond. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

Bec Evans & Chris Smith, Co-founders of Prolifiko.

JUL 2015

Design & Development work.


Follow through on your goals
or lose money.

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“Josh was wonderfully thoughtful about the tradeoffs (newbees vs power users) and did many user tests to single out problem areas in the old design, and to test out the mockups of the new design.”

Daniel Reeve , Co-founder of Beeminder.

JUL 2015

Design work.

Case Study


Helping parents
homeschool their children

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“I enjoy working with you, I trust you and I appreciate the work you've done.”

Saar Shai , Founder of Smartspin.

MAY 2018

Design & Development work.